Sega Prize Figures Rei and Asuka


Naruto COSPLAY Dagger Set $14.00

Gaigan $32.99

Godzilla SOS PVC Trading Figures. 6 Figures in the Set


Note: Due to the popularity of the following items, Reserving is highly recommended. Just submit an email to us and you will be contacted when the items are available.


Final Fantasy 11 40 cm Plush Figures. There are three figures in this set. These will be available June 2005 timeframe. These will be limited! You can submit your email so we can alert you when the are available. NAMCO Price each
ZOOM  $34.99

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Here are two popular characters from FULL METAL ALCHEMIST. These DX Plushes are 23cm (9" tall) Sitting. Expected Arrival: August/September 2005  $29.99

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In Transit (Coming Soon) These will be orderable soon...

MC-09 Jet Fire
MC-03 Hot Rod
MC-19 Micron
MD-07 Rampage
MD-10 IronHide
MC-10 Stepper
SD-06 Command Jaguar
MX-00 Unicron
Full Metal Alchemist
Godzilla Chronicle
School Rumble
Moe A LA Mode
Full Metal Alchemist
Naruto Stamp
Marvel Heroes
Gundam Seed
Naruto Swinger
MP-2 Ultra magnus
Dynamic Heroins
Touei Heroines
Marusan Toei Collection
Godzilla Puzzle

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